This Is Me!

I am a mixfreak. I listened and taped a lot of mixes broadcasted on the Dutch radio.
Some like the minimixes and Grandmixes by Ben Liebrand on Veronica-radio and the Bond van Doorstarters/Trosclubmixen on Tros-radio. The Rick's mixes on Rick van Velthuysens show on Avro's Toppop 20 and Radio 538.
I started the mixing thing in 1987. I used only 2 tapedecks. I remember I made my first mix of Alf - Stuck on Earth. There were only a few edits in it. That one was cool, I think. I don't have that mix anymore and that's a shame. This was a short period actually (one or 2 years I guess).
I listened the BVD mixes, the TCM mixes, the Grandmixes and the Minimixes during that time.
I started mixing on the PC in 1995 (see the date of the mixes). I was still listening the TCM Minimixes, the (old) Grandmixes and all the other Yearmixes.
Till 1999 mixing was just a thing, hobby is not even the right word, it was just for fun.
In 2000 mixing was more as a hobby. I subcribed myself as a MixfreaksMember and I began to mix more often. The first onehour megamix was born in that year and also the first yearmix.
The First radio broadcast was in 2001. It's hard to get connected, but I made it a severall times. Radio 538, Radio 3FM, Veronica, Radio Italia Network and a lot of local and online stations.

Now I am still mixing. I make onehour mixes and short mixes (like megamixes, hitmixes and mashups). And that's what I really love to do: Megamixing. Short mixes are cool too, but I listen megamixes more often then short mixes.
In 2002 I started to look on the internet for some info to do something more with my mixing. I contacted someone and I got my first commercial remix job. It was not a high commercial job, but.... He asked me to make a remix of a track he was going to produce. That was the first time I made a remix with new samples. I could not use samples and stuff which are used in other tracks. I tried and it was good enough for a B-side. It's not a perfect remix, I realise that, but for the first time it's not bad :-)
For a few months in 2007, I was the resident DJ at a cafe in Zaandam (Netherlands). The cafe has closed its doors and I was out.

My Hero's: Ben Liebrand, Koen Groeneveld & Addy v/d Zwan and Armin van Buuren

One of my wishes : Mix a commercial megamix and/or a one hour broadcast on a major radiostation.

That's enough about me....