Many people asked me: "What software do you use?"
When I started mixing I needed software that was not expensive. I did not, and still not have, the money to buy the pro stuff. So Magix Music Maker was there for fl 99,- (€ 59,- now).

For me this was the most complete software. It had all in it that I need.
The most important reason: I do not need an external program to do some pitch job or some other special jobs.
I am using music maker from the very first start now. In the first version you could only use wav files, but now you can drag and drop mp3 files in it.
Sometimes I try other programs to make the mixes, but mostly the other programs does not work like I am used to. And they are much expensive too.

MMM is a multi channel program so you can switch your songs or samples from channel to channel and make the perfect pass in the mix.
I often use some popular songs, selfmade loops and samples from songs to make my mix, but in the music maker package are also samples and different kinds of loops delivered.

With the Audio Effect Rack you can do the mayor stuff.
There is a 10-band equalizer, fx processor, compressor, timeprocessor (pitch), distortion- and filter options in it.

The equalizer and the timeprocessor are the most used options by me.
If you want to export the mix to wav or mp3 you can modify the mix. You can use the mixerpanel to increase or decrease the volume and other stuff for every different channel.

There is a lot more in this program, but I will find it when I need it :-)
For now these are the tools I use the most.

This is a short talk about the software I do the mixing with.
On my mixes site (see the menu) you can see what I made with this progam.
If you think:"yeah, right I don't believe a word you are saying", then check the Yearmix 2005 screendump. This is a view of the whole one hour mix containing 72 tracks I made last year with Music Maker 2006 and you can listen the mix too.

The other stuff I use:
- Mixmeister BPM Analizer: to do the bpm stuff for each track;
- Excel: to sort the data;
- Sometimes Cool Edit: to make the loops. It can be done with MMM too, but I am used to this, so....
- a lot of patience and a lovely patient wive who helps me when I need her.

If you want to contact me for exchange some experiences you can fill in the mailform at my site. For some other info you can visit the Magix Website.