Yearmix 2022 The Global Dance Chart Edition

I was planning to make 3 yearmixes last year. The usual mix, a Hardstyle version and The Global Dance Charts Edition.

We all know what happened with the hardstyle version, so.....
I doubted whether I wanted to make the GDC yearmix. But blood is thicker than water and I started after a while. Even though the yearmix period has ended. I made it anyway. The mix is ​​in the final stage. 125 tracks 93 minutes. Only GDC tracks. Of the 158 selected tracks that have been in the GDC top 40 this year, I used 125.
So, almost 80% of the tracks in this mix were used in the version as they appeared in the GDC Top 40. So no special remixes were used, but only a few acapellas
Maybe online soon. Be patient.