Yearmix 2022

Oh yeah. The greatest project of the year has started. about a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2022
Kozmikdj will make the video again and has delivered me the intro allready!


The 23rd yearmix: about a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2022.
Containing only the best dancetracks from 2022.

For the selection of these tracks I used The Dutch Dance List again and as an addition I used the Global Dance Charts and The Dutch Top 40.



26-09-22: Creating moviesamples for the intro 2022
4-10-22: Intro ready
7-10-22: Intro video ready by kozmikdj and started with the mix.
4-12-22: The Yearmix is ready and video too. This will be released when allmost all broadcastst are done. Just before christmas.
The Hardstyle mix was ready for 75%, but I lost the project and preperation due a big mistake of mine. So no hardstyle mix this year.