DMC847 release

Check this out!
My mashup Daniel Bedingfield Ft Madonna - Gotta Get Thru This Music (The D!zzy DJ Mashup)
Is on this CD now. DMC847
This is a remake of the 2002 version I made. I re-made this, this year, in Ableton with better quality samples than 2002 and it is an exended version.
This one is kind of writing history for me.
So Njoy!

Global Dance Chart Yearmix 2022

Title: about a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2022 The Global Dance Chart Edition
I was planning to make 3 yearmixes last year. The usual yearmix, a Hardstyle version and The Global Dance Charts Edition.
We all know what happened with the hardstyle version, so.....
I doubted whether I wanted to make the GDC yearmix. But blood is thicker than water and I started after a while. Even though the #YearMix period has ended. I made it anyway.