Decibel Mini Weekendmix

Ik maak mixen voor Radio Decibel. Het wordt elke vrijdag na het journaal van 17.00 uur uitgezonden en de herhaling is op zondag op hetzelfde tijdstip.
Wij (ik en een paar andere geweldige mixers) maken jaren 90 mixen van 8 minuten.


Mini Weekendmix 003 (The D!zzy DJ 001) 28-05-2021  DOWNLOAD

The Dizzy Dance Mix 6 "The Happy Hardcore Edition"

This mix is one of my bucket list. One mix, one style I really like and love to do.
68 tracks in 61 minutes. Happy hardcore from the 90s.
This mix is contains the commercial tracks. I tried to mix the rougher styles too, but that did not sound very nice.
After 20 minutes I cut out the harder style and started to mix only the commercial tracks.
Maybe later I will mix the harder styles too, who knows.

Thank you for the ideas.

Many thnx for the great ideas. I will collect some ideas to use for a new megamixes later.
Techhouse, Trance Classics, Hardstyle and 00s-10s will be put in al list.
But.... I bumped to a genre which was not asked, but I really really like and I have never done:
Happy Hardcore.
I think I will start with this one. 90s but a little different