The Dizzy Dance Mix 6 "The Happy Hardcore Edition"

This mix is one of my bucket list. One mix, one style I really like and love to do.
68 tracks in 61 minutes. Happy hardcore from the 90s.
This mix is contains the commercial tracks. I tried to mix the rougher styles too, but that did not sound very nice.
After 20 minutes I cut out the harder style and started to mix only the commercial tracks.
Maybe later I will mix the harder styles too, who knows.

Thank you for the ideas.

Many thnx for the great ideas. I will collect some ideas to use for a new megamixes later.
Techhouse, Trance Classics, Hardstyle and 00s-10s will be put in al list.
But.... I bumped to a genre which was not asked, but I really really like and I have never done:
Happy Hardcore.
I think I will start with this one. 90s but a little different

Yearmix 2020 news. Broadcast and 2nd yearmix

Hi all.
Tonight will be the first broadcast at
And, as you maybe know, I mix for the Global Dance Charts too. December 18th will be a second yearmix.
We made a yearmix with all the mixers of the show. Everyone made a 20 minutes part. I made the third part.
So the 40th till 60th minutes will be my contribution, but the whole mix will be awesome. Do not miss this.