Yearmix 2022

This is the 23rd yearmix: about a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2023
Kozmikdj did make the video again and has done a great job!

Containing only the best dancetracks from 2022.


Date Time RadioStation Link
16-12-2022  18:00-19:00 logo078


A 90s Waterfall "InTheMix" Mixcontest 2021

In April 2021. I joined a mixcontest organized by RMXD and EMC.
The assignment was: make a mix. Only use 90s originals and the track "Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall" must be used. 

I finished 4th (shared 4th place with Karel Dikkers), of the 26 mixers.
Really cool. I did not expect this.
Now you can download the mix and enjoy entry for this contest.