about a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2018

The 19th yearmix: about a dizzy year: YEARMIX 2018.
Containing only the best dancetracks from 2018.
Starting at 115 BPM and ending 155 bpm.

For the selection of these tracks I used The Dutch Dance List again.
The mix contains 75 tracks and the total playing time is 59 minutes.

I dedicate this mix to my sons Falco & Lindo.

7-10-18:"Track one has been chosen ;-)

14-10-18: The #yearmix2018 intro is allmost ready. This week the #yearmix will start.

5-11-18: Status. 30 tracks, 25 minutes playing time.

24-11-18: Status 56 tracks, 43 minutes.

2-12-18: Final Status: 75 tracks, 59:28 playing time. Now it is mastering time. Then Cover and video

14-12-18: Tonight the first broadcast @ radio078 at 19:00

22-12-18: Yearmix online

Date Time RadioStation Link
14-12-2018 20:00-21:00 logo078 Radio078.fm